ESCAPE Club Spring Adventures 2024

A day in Pt. Reyes and kayaking in Elkhorn Slough

In March, we went out to the beautiful Pt. Reyes National Seashore in Marin. It was one of those days where the original plan just did not work out, but we made some on-the-fly adjustments and ended up having a great day. When we got to Pt. Reyes, we decided to wait out some unexpected showers at the Bear Valley Visitor Center. Students got to interact with exhibits showcasing the diversity of the Marin headlands and coastal ecosystems and then watched a short film about the area.

We then went over to Drake Beach to see elephant seals and catch the tail-end of their mating season. The beach was filled with 1-2 month old seal pups that we got to see close up. After eating lunch, we went to the Abbott Lagoon for a hike.  Finally, we ended the day with a picnic in the grass near the visitor center. We had hot dogs and ultimate frisbee challenges while enjoying some time in the sun. A great relaxing way to end the day!

Kayaking in Elkhorn Slough

More recently, we drove down the coast to Moss Landing for a day of kayaking and marine wildlife viewing in Elkhorn Slough, an estuary in the Monterey Bay. For most students it was the first time kayaking and we had a blast! The tandem kayaks require pairs of paddlers have to coordinate their paddle strokes in order to move. After a few minutes of figuring out rights and lefts, how to go forward in a (mostly) straight line, how to turn and stop, we were ready to roll. (Literally! One group of students reached out too far and rolled themselves right over.) We saw harbour seals lounging on the beach but the highlight of this trip is sea otters. These adorable little creatures were playing, holding hands, and eating snacks while swimming through the slough. On our way home, we stopped in Santa Cruz and found a local ice cream shop for an afternoon treat.

Our final trip of the year is fast approaching: camping in Yosemite National Park! We are excited to be heading out there in a couple of weeks. Thank you for following along, and check out the videos below!

Kayaking video

Pt Reyes video

ESCAPE to the Snow 2024

A day of sledding and snowball fights

In January, we took our yearly excursion to the Tahoe area for a day of sledding and playing in the snow! As always, it was a crowd favorite. We were grateful for an easy drive up to our usual spot in Kingvale and beautiful weather the whole day.

After setting up our base camp at the foot of the hill, we were off to explore all the snow activities. When we needed a break from the sledding and snowball-fighting and snowperson-making, we had a delicious picnic lunch of tamales and hot cocoa. Always a treat to have hot food in the cold snow!

While the bus ride leaving the snow park was noticeably sleepier than the morning, we got our second wind after an In-N-Out pitstop. With one more stop in Sacramento to see the state capitol building, we were home! This trip is a long one but is a highlight for many. A few more photos of our day:

Thank you for all your support.

Check out the video if you have a few extra minutes!

ESCAPE T-Shirts and Hoodies 2024

ESCAPE Club Apparel Orders

Get your orders in today!

We’re SO EXCITED to reveal this year’s t-shirt and hoodie design! It’s a play on the classic “Evolution of Man” progression, and celebrates the transformation that we hope to see with our own students. Thanks again to Keith Dickson for his amazing execution of this idea!

We’ll be offering t-shirts in a dark mustard yellow and hoodies in a light heather gray. Photos below provide a general idea for how the shirts will look.

T-shirts for students are heavily subsidized so that every member can have a t-shirt. If you’d like to contribute to that fund, we always appreciate it!

You can order HERE, or just reply to this email.

Please have your order to us no later than Thursday March 21.

We can deal with payment later. Just need your order asap!

Thanks again to all for your support!

ESCAPE Club Fall Adventures 2023

Our visit to Slide Ranch and a tour of San Francisco

We always love our trip to Slide Ranch! While many of the activities are similar from year to year, it’s new and fresh every time. Some mud and rainy weather were a challenge, but we made it through the day. We started off with goat milking, and some brave souls even tried to taste the fresh goat milk. We visited the bee hives, the chicken coop, and the ducks. Feeding and holding the chickens and seeing their fresh eggs is always a highlight!

We moved on to the garden, where we saw, tasted, smelled, and felt all the variety of leaves and vegetables. Then we took bread dough and shaped it into whatever form we wanted. Some of us put poppy seeds from the garden on our creation. Once it was baked, we enjoyed it warm with some salt and butter!

We finished up the day with a visit to the bone grove, where we saw whale bones, coyote and deer bones, and other local critters. It was a full day, and we were grateful for the gracious and patient Slide Ranch staff!

San Francisco is full of fun things to do, and we try to jam as much as we can into one day. Sometimes it’s just fun to be a tourist and see and do the same things as people from all over the world! We started our adventure at Lombard Street, and then did a loop around the pond at the Palace of Fine Arts. From there, we returned to the new Tunnel Tops Park at the Presidio. The Field Station on its own is full of things to see and do and learn. There’s history, art, ecology, geography– all the things we love best!

The December weather was gorgeous, so exploring Fort Point, and walking across the Golden Gate Bridge were both a treat! Many of the kids chose Fort Point as their favorite stop of the day. They love exploring the four story old building, with its dark corners, and spectacular views.

Wishing each of you a happy holiday season! Hope you are able to enjoy some rest and maybe some time with friends and loved ones. Thanks again for following along on our journeys!
Our videos are a little shorter this year, so have a quick look!

Slide Ranch video

SF Tour video