Mount Diablo 2014

We got the year off to a great start with our trip to Mt. Diablo and Rock City.  About 35 kids got to get out of town, and go up ‘On Top of the World’.  The students were wide-eyed as we drove up the narrow roads, looking down the steep slopes, gawking at the cyclists daring to ride UP to the top, and counting the 1000s of feet above sea level.  We arrived at the summit around 10am, and enjoyed a clear view.  The museum there is well done, and interactive.  And after a couple years of construction, the observation deck on the roof is again open for business.  We spent about 30 minutes there, and then headed back down the mountain to Rock City.

After a brief meeting together, the kids went their separate ways to find a good spot to eat lunch.  Some opted for caves, while others opted for the views.  One group mapped out all the peaks they wanted to climb, found their way to each of them, and made it up each one.  Jason and I were both encouraged by the enthusiasm of the kids.  They explored all the trails, and got up to as many cool hangout spots as they could.  It was warm and sunny on the mountain, but it was easy to find respite in the shade, and we drank plenty of water.  The blue sky and scattered clouds made for some nice photos.
The only disappointment was that we didn’t get to see any tarantulas.  (I guess not everyone was disappointed, but I was.)

November’s trip is a return to Slide Ranch–the teaching farm near Muir Beach–on the 22nd.  Space for this trip is limited, but let us know if you’re interested in coming along, and we’ll see if we can make it work.
Thanks again for all of your encouraging words, and support.

Our First Trip 2014

Our October trip will be to Mt. Diablo State Park!  It’s tarantula mating season, so hopefully we’ll see a male out looking for love.  We’ll drive to the summit, check out the museum, and go back down a bit to Rock City.  Rock City has several rocky outcroppings and small caves.  We can make easy scrambles up the sandstone, or climb into small wind caves.  There are short trails that wind in and out and in between the rocks that we can explore.  We’ll watch for lizards, manzanita, and poison oak.