ESCAPE Club T-Shirts

ESCAPE Club 2018 shirts

It’s that time of year again–Get your orders in!

The design is ready and it’s time to order.  This year’s ESCAPE Club shirt will have icons from each of our nine trips–an idea we’ve been kicking around for years, and have finally made it happen.  It was created by the highly and multi- talented Keith Dickson, who was also responsible for last year’s popular John Muir quote design.

This year’s color is a dark heather gray, with yellow ink.  The front will have the same look as in past years, with “escape” emblazoned across the chest.

We’ll have similar styles available to what we’ve had in the past:

  • unisex T-shirts:  $10
  • ladies’ cut T-shirts:  $12
  • hooded pullovers:  $25
  • long sleeved athletic shirts:  $20

There are also zippered hoodies, and regular material long sleeved shirts, if anyone is interested.

Orders must be received by Friday, January 19. This will be the only opportunity to order shirts this year!

Students are offered significant discounts on the prices, and no student is denied a shirt due to cost.  All students receive a shirt or hoodie if they’d like one.  We always appreciate your contributions to the fund for student apparel.  Wearing our shirts is a great way for the kids to feel a sense of pride and belonging in our club, and we look like a team out on the road!

Just for fun, if you’d like to take a quick look back at the history of ESCAPE Club shirts, click HERE.  How many of our 16 previous shirts do you own?