ESCAPE to Mount Diablo

Our first trip of the year to the summit and Rock City.

Our year got off to a great start in October with the annual trip to Mt. Diablo. As has been our custom for many years, Rock City is a great place to hang out, and get to know each other, without a schedule, or agenda, or long hike.

We started out from DeJean, about 45 of us, and made our way all the way up to the summit of Mt. Diablo, about 4000 feet above sea level. The weather was clear, though we could see just the last remains of the smoke from fires to the north. We spent a half hour enjoying the views and the little museum, and headed back down to Rock City.  

Each year, we hope to catch a glimpse of a tarantula, but as we’ve been going later and later in the season, it’s been a while. We did get to see, and catch, a nice sized alligator lizard. We also saw a buck with a nice rack of antlers.

But the best part of the day is always scrambling up and down the rocks, climbing in and out of the little caves, following little trails to new spots, and just hanging with friends. This gives us lots of opportunity to get to know each other, and just relax away from home. We had games to play in the shade, ice cold water, and even an ice cream sandwich treat at the end of the day.

Our next trip is coming up quickly–kayaking in Elkhorn Slough, near Moss Landing. We’re really looking forward to seeing the kids on the water, and getting up close and personal with the sea otters!

It’s been great to hear from a few of you already. Feel free to drop us a note, come hang out on a Thursday, or even join us on a trip this year!

Have a look at the slideshow video if you’ve got a few minutes, and we’ll catch you soon!

Yes!  The slideshow videos are back too!