Welcome Back to the ESCAPE Club!

The ESCAPE Club returns for another year.

Another school year has begun, and the ESCAPE Club marches on into its 18th year.  We’ve been meeting after school for a little over a month, getting to know each other, looking at a few maps, and outlining the rhythm of the year.  Over 60 students have been attending the meetings regularly, which is a lot, but typical for September and October.  We always expect it to thin out over time, and then shift and build again later.

We’ve lost several teachers and staff who were integral to our program to other pursuits and they will be missed. But a new regiment of teachers is now on staff at DeJean, and we’re hoping they’ll be excited to participate as well. Jason continues to teach math at DeJean, and John has a new title as an administrator in the district STEM office.

As has been our custom for several years now, our first trip is this weekend to Mt. Diablo.  We’ll head up to the summit for a while, then drive back down to Rock City for some light hiking, and scrambling up the rocks and into the wind caves.

A crowded classroom, working to label Bay Area maps.
An early candidate for this year’s mascot.  
We’ve got a few of these “yearbooks” left over from last year if you’re interested…

We appreciate all your support–whether it’s a kind note of encouragement, chaperoning a trip, helping write a grant, or donating financially. All the avenues for giving are the same: 1) donate directly to the club (check or PayPal), 2) donate to DeJean Middle School (specify ESCAPE Club), or 3) donate to our 501c3 sponsor, the EdFund (specify ESCAPE Club).  More details on donating are HERE.

As always, thanks to each of you for reading this far, and for all your love and support.  We’ll be in touch again soon with photos and the video from our first trip.  Don’t forget to subscribe to our YouTube Channel, and follow us on Instagram!

In case you missed last year’s video, here’s another chance! It’s a good one!