ESCAPE to the Ice

Our final trip of the year to the land of no friction…

Our year-end events come fast and furious, and we completed our ninth adventure of the year to the Oakland Ice Center. As usual, there was a buzz of excitement around the trip, and a resurfacing of some kids that had been missing from the club for a while for the chance to go ice skating.

Kids are always tenuous getting out onto the ice at first, clinging to the side boards. But after a few slips, their confidence grows, and just like anything else, they learn that with a little bravery and practice, they get better.

This trip reminds me as much as any about the power of our group. This place, like most others, is open all the time, and available for anyone to come and visit. But going on your own is nowhere near as fun as doing it with our friends in the club. It’s just better when we’re together, wherever we go.

After a couple hours skating, we headed to the park at Marina Bay in Richmond. After several years at Cerrito Vista, we decided to try something different. We ate pizza, played frisbee and soccer, and just enjoyed being together.

June is upon us, and we’ll have one last meeting with the kids to wrap up and goodbye. Our amazing media team got a quick video together in just 24 hours! Check it out if you like…

We’ll be in touch with one more newsletter before we head into the summer. Talk soon.

It’s a quick one.