ESCAPE to Slide Ranch

All of the usual great experiences, and a few special spring surprises…

Our annual trip to Slide Ranch is such a rich, dynamic experience.  It’s hard to summarize such a full day into a couple paragraphs.  We’d encourage you to watch the video down at the bottom of the page to really get the whole experience.

Coastal fog greeted us as we arrived in the morning.  After introductions and a quick orientation, the kids broke into smaller groups with their Slide Ranch guide.  Students rotate through several unique and special experiences through the day, including goat-milking, bread and butter -making, chicken feeding, organic garden sampling, and visits to the duck coop, and bee hives.  A few kids even got to make flower crowns!

For the last several years, we have visited Slide Ranch in the fall.  But this year, it worked out to go in the spring.  With the spring season came the surprise of baby animals!  The little lambs and goats were pretty irresistible.  And of course the garden was booming, and the wildflowers were out in force.

The Slide Ranch guides’ lessons and dialogue focus on sustainability and where our food comes from, which gives our students lots to think about, even beyond all the new things they get to do and try.

After our program was finished, it was time for a quick hike in the hills, and then down to the beach.  Low tide gave us a chance to see some “lower” forms of life, like crabs and sea anemones.  We threw some rocks into the sea, and scrambled around in the sunshine until it was time to head back home.

We have just a couple more trips to go this year, to Pt. Reyes and Yosemite, so the end is in view.  Let us know soon if you’re planning to be with us.  Again, we recommend the video if you have a few minutes.  Hope to connect with you all soon!

So many more photos and videos from a full day.
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