ESCAPE to San Francisco 2022

Tourists for a day, we got to see so much of what this great city has to offer!

We always look forward to our trip to San Francisco. There’s no end of attractions, whether they’re touristy, historical, scientific, or some combination. We got a little of each of those on our December trip this year.

We started to the day with a drive down Lombard Street. While we didn’t get to see any of the wild parrots, we were grateful to find parking, and that the storm that had threatened hadn’t started yet. After driving down, we parked and walked up and down the stairs, and wondered what it would be like to live there.

Our second stop was The Palace of Fine Arts. There was a light drizzle, but we did some birding (American Coots, Great Blue Heron, Night Heron, and more). We took a lap around the pond, tried not to panic the wedding party with our presence, took our group photo, and scrambled back into cars.

Maybe the highlight of our day was the new Tunnel Tops park in the Presidio– specifically the Field Station. The Field Station is set up for investigation and exploration. We learned all about the history of the Presidio, picked out bones from owl pellets, sketched specimens of local flora and fauna, and learned about the folks who lived in the area long before any of us did. It’s a special place–modern, fun, and educational–and we highly recommend it! They even had a covered space for us to eat lunch nearby the Visitor Center.

We moved on to Fort Point and the Golden Gate Bridge. Fort Point is always surprisingly fun for the students. What seems like an abandoned building from decades ago is actually a labyrinth of dark corners and levels and views, with as much history as you’re willing to take in. Walking on the Golden Gate Bridge is a unique experience in itself with its feats of engineering and unrivaled views. It was the first time for most of us.

The storm we were anticipating finally arrived, so we skipped our visit to the Marin Headlands, and the Marine Mammal Center isn’t quite ready for a group our size. We called the day a win, and headed back home.

Thanks to so many of you for all your support so far getting us going again, whether it’s been financially, with kind words or prayers of encouragement, or the gift of your time. We so appreciate you, and we’re making a difference in the lives of our kids! We wish each of you a happy holiday season. Please keep in touch!

Check out the video to see more of the Field Station and all the stops!