ESCAPE Club is Back!

The ESCAPE Club is back for more!

More fun, more adventure, more new experiences

You know it!  The ESCAPE Club is back for year #17.  Who’s coming with us?  We’ve begun recruiting students and new chaperones at DeJean, and our first meeting is coming up this week.  We’re already making plans for our first trip, next month to Rock City on Mt. Diablo. We’ve added a few email addresses to our distribution list, so if these messages are new to you, welcome!  (Feel free to unsubscribe anytime at the bottom of the page–no hard feelings).

If you’re one of our regular driver/chaperones, you should have already received your first request.  

If you’re interested in sponsoring us financially, the avenues are the same:

  • write a check directly to us
  • donate through the EdFund (tax deductible, they take a small percent for processing)
  • deposit direct to our account using PayPal (to
  • donate via DeJean (be sure to let us know you’re doing this so we can follow up)

More details for supporting us financially are on our website:

We appreciate every dollar that is sent, and be assured that every dollar goes directly to the students and the trips.  We have virtually no overhead costs, and every chaperone and teacher leader is a volunteer.

If you’re not following us on Instagram, you really should be. We are

And if you didn’t catch our year end slideshow video, I’ve posted it here again.  It’s a good one.  Go ahead.  Click on it.


Finally, we’ve got plans for some new ESCAPE Club swag this year. So along with our usual shirts and sweatshirts (with a sweet new design), we’ll also have a few other fun promotional items.  We’ll let you know about those soon.

Thanks for reading, and for all your support and encouragement. Drop us a note sometime, if you haven’t recently.  Jason is back working at DeJean for the time being, so that will help our connection to the students.  We’re looking forward to another great year!