ESCAPE to the Snow 2017

ESCAPE to the Snow!

Plenty of white snow, blue skies, and smiling faces

Sorry for the delayed update here.  Our Communications and Community Relations Department is a little behind on things. We need an intern!

February’s trip to the snow was a memorable one.  For the first time in several years, we didn’t have to worry about where to find snow–it was whether or not the snow would actually stop in order for us to get up there!  After a solid week of rain, snow, and mudslides over freeways, we ventured east into the Sierras.  The closest and most convenient place for us to go is in Cisco Grove, so we were glad to be back there again this year.

We filled a 53-seat charter bus with kids from DeJean, teachers, parents and chaperones.  There was a little traffic on the way from the recent weather and freeway closures, but it had mostly cleared by the time we headed home.  We got to spend the day under blue skies, and really enjoyed the time there.  It was so nice out, we didn’t even bother with hot chocolate!  

Plenty of sledding on our trusty plastic discs, as well as the newer inner tubes we invested in last year.  Snowmen, snowball fights, and a tamale feast for lunch.

On the way home, we made our usual stops at In’N’Out in Auburn, and the state capitol in Sacramento.  It was a full and fantastic day, which just seems to be what we’ve come to expect in the ESCAPE Club!

Check out the video below to see more pictures, videos, smiles, and good times.  We’ll be back soon to tell you all about our recent kayaking trip.

Warning:  Do NOT click here if you get envious easily.  We had an amazing time!