ESCAPE to Rock City and Slide Ranch 2022

Two trips in the books this year already!

We’re back in business! The ESCAPE Club is back and rolling at both DeJean and Soskin. We started the year with our traditional trip to Mt. Diablo and Rock City. The summit was cold and cloudy and we didn’t have much of a view other than a few moments of clearing. Still, it was a fun experience to be so high up with the clouds.

Down at Rock City, we enjoyed unstructured time hiding out in the wind caves, scrambling up the sandstone rocks, and exploring all the criss-crossing trails in the area. We didn’t see any tarantulas (not everyone was disappointed), but we did get to see a rattlesnake, and a little lizard volunteered as our wildlife muse for the day. Scroll down for the trip video.

We were so grateful to be back at Slide Ranch in November for our second trip. This was the first combined trip for DeJean and our new chapter at Soskin Middle School! It was a damp and rainy day, but the students did a great job staying engaged and making the best of the experience. Also adding to the significance of the day was that TWO of our driver chaperones were ESCAPE Club alumni from Adams! What a special thing for our program!

The teachers at Slide Ranch led us through activities that focused on sustainability and where our food comes from. In smaller groups, students got to milk goats, feed chickens, and make a stir fry from plants in the garden. We also got to visit the baby goats, the sheep, the ducks, and the chicken coop. It was too rainy and muddy to get down to the tide pools, so we called it a day on the earlier side. More photos and our trip video below!

Thanks to many of you who have contributed to making our year a success. We are so grateful. Rest assured that we remain completely volunteer-run, and every dollar goes to student experiences on these trips. If you would still like to give and support us financially, there are several options HERE. Feel free to let us know if you have any questions. We’re also always looking for more driver chaperones for our trips. Let us know if you’d like to be added to that list.

Thanks for reading! Enjoy the videos below, and we’ll talk again soon!

Here’s the Mt. Diablo and Rock City video!

And one for Slide Ranch as well!