ESCAPE to the Snow 2023

ESCAPE Club Apparel and snow trip recap

It’s time to order T-shirts and hoodies for this year!

It’s finally time to order your ESCAPE Club T-shirts and hoodies for this year. Our old friend Keith Dickson has designed another beauty for us, and cements his place as the most frequent (and generous) ESCAPE Club designer. This time, it’s the view through a Nikon lens. Our T-shirts and hoodies will be forest green, with the familiar front logo and the colorful back image.

Let us know if you’d like a T-shirt or hoodie
by the end of this week, Friday March 17.

Our annual trip to the snow was a winner! Just like any good snow run, there were some bumps along the way, but we were glad we went, and were laughing all the way! So many kids got to see the snow for the first time, which is always so fun. And the hours we spent there were warm and dry.

We took a charter bus back to our usual spot in Kingvale. Seems like they squeeze a few more dollars out of us each year, but we were grateful for clear lanes, smooth runs, and space to spread out for our meal at home base. We went down dozens of times, by ourselves, in chains, loops, and whatever else we could imagine. Snowball fights, forts, snowmen, and lots of other fun occupied our time.

The ride home was a little tougher, as I-80 was closed, and the weather got worse:  not our favorite part of the day. But we persisted, found our traditional In-N-Out, and made it home safe, warm, and dry.

We’re grateful for all your support, as always. Looking forward to our March trip, kayaking on Elkhorn Slough!