ESCAPE to Mount Diablo 2023

Our first trip of the year to the summit and Rock City

Another school year has begun and the ESCAPE Club is back at it. We’ve got another full year of adventures planned and kids from both DeJean and Soskin Middle Schools are excited for what’s in store! We kicked off the year as usual with our trip to Mt. Diablo.

We drove up to the summit first, and thankfully, the museum was open because it was COLDĀ outside. The temperature was still down in the 40s and even colder with the wind chill. Despite the clear views, getting back in the car was an easy sell, and we headed down to Rock City.

We always love our time at Rock City because of the unstructured time to explore in small groups, scramble up a rock or into a cave for a better view, or follow a trail somewhere to maybe even feel a little lost! We didn’t get to see any tarantulas, but we did catch a couple volunteer fence lizards. Hopefully they’ll realize the joy they brought to us!

No one was in any hurry to leave, but after our traditional ice cream treat, it was time to head back to Richmond. Student after student asked “When is our next trip? Where are we going?” and we felt like we were off to a good start.

Finally, it’s Giving Tuesday today. As you may know, the ESCAPE Club is completely run by volunteers, and has zero overhead. Every dollar donated goes to taking our students outside to experience the natural beauty of California. If you’d like to help, there are several ways you can support our work. We always can use driver chaperones for our trips. We love to have professional connections to outdoor experiences and careers in outdoor industries. We can use donations of food, clothes, and supplies for our trips. And we always appreciate your financial support. You can donate via our 501c3 fiscal sponsor HERE, or contact us for more direct methods of giving. Thank you so much! Please let us know if you have any questions about supporting us.

See more of our trip to Mt. Diablo and Rock City here!