ESCAPE T-Shirts and Hoodies 2024

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We’re SO EXCITED to reveal this year’s t-shirt and hoodie design! It’s a play on the classic “Evolution of Man” progression, and celebrates the transformation that we hope to see with our own students. Thanks again to Keith Dickson for his amazing execution of this idea!

We’ll be offering t-shirts in a dark mustard yellow and hoodies in a light heather gray. Photos below provide a general idea for how the shirts will look.

T-shirts for students are heavily subsidized so that every member can have a t-shirt. If you’d like to contribute to that fund, we always appreciate it!

You can order HERE, or just reply to this email.

Please have your order to us no later than Thursday March 21.

We can deal with payment later. Just need your order asap!

Thanks again to all for your support!