ESCAPE to the Snow 2024

A day of sledding and snowball fights

In January, we took our yearly excursion to the Tahoe area for a day of sledding and playing in the snow! As always, it was a crowd favorite. We were grateful for an easy drive up to our usual spot in Kingvale and beautiful weather the whole day.

After setting up our base camp at the foot of the hill, we were off to explore all the snow activities. When we needed a break from the sledding and snowball-fighting and snowperson-making, we had a delicious picnic lunch of tamales and hot cocoa. Always a treat to have hot food in the cold snow!

While the bus ride leaving the snow park was noticeably sleepier than the morning, we got our second wind after an In-N-Out pitstop. With one more stop in Sacramento to see the state capitol building, we were home! This trip is a long one but is a highlight for many. A few more photos of our day:

Thank you for all your support.

Check out the video if you have a few extra minutes!